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Stop Abbott fanning the flames of climate change

To the leadership of the ALP:

As concerned citizens we call on you to do everything in your power to save the carbon price. Scientists are unanimous: climate change is human caused and will get worse unless we act urgently. For Australia, global warming has devastating consequences -- heating and drying our country further causing more frequent and intense fires. Solutions like the carbon price are our best shot at extinguishing this fiery future.  

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Recent signers

Stop Abbott fanning the flames of climate change

Australian homes are burning again, but with Tony Abbott and his coal cronies working to kill the carbon price, our best tool to fix climate change and prevent more deadly fires in the future is on the rocks. It’s up to us to extinguish their plans.

While the PM volunteers to help the emergency services, his relentless assault on the carbon price locks our brave firefighters into a future where fires are more ferocious and frequent. The new ALP team can help stop Abbott's plans, but they’re not convinced climate change is an issue worth fighting for now they're in opposition. A massive outcry across Australia right now can show the ALP that public opinion is desperate for climate leadership and saving the carbon price is a fire fight worth having.

New leader Bill Shorten is deciding their opposition playbook right now -- let’s show him the roar of public opinion wants the ALP to do everything they can to save the carbon price and protect a cooler future for Australia! Sign now then forward this campaign to everyone -- when we reach 100,000 signers a group of firefighters will deliver our petition to ALP headquarters.

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