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Copenhagen - The World In Action

This summit didn't change the world. Summits usually don't. But this movement will.

In Copenhagen, leaders didn't make history—but the world's people did. A year of unprecedented action on climate change reached unimagined heights in the last two weeks: thousands upon thousands of vigils, rallies, and protests; floods of phone calls and messages sent; millions of petition signatures—all calling for the fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty we still need and still will win.

We're in this for as long as it takes. For now, let's look at what we've done, and thank one another for joining this journey. Take a moment to see the faces in the videos and slideshows below, post a message on the right, and draw hope from the countless people of all nations who are joining together for a better world.

3264 Vigils On Saturday

The World Wants a Real Deal:

Reading 14 Million Petition Names





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