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Help welcome Canada’s newest climate hero!

Dear Premier Notley:

Congratulations on your incredible victory -- you campaigned on a bold vision and Albertans rewarded you with a mandate to take strong leadership on climate change. Welcome! We’re counting on you to usher in a new era of energy policy by, closing coal plants, taxing oil giants at a rate that more than offsets their destruction, investing heavily in clean energy, and pressing Ottawa to adopt ambitious climate targets. Our country needs a climate hero, and we’re all counting on you!

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Help welcome Canada’s newest climate hero!

Seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had a leader that could make Canada a climate hero, but Rachel Notley just won an incredible victory in Alberta and now she can set a new course for our whole country’s climate policy.

And here’s what’s truly incredible: it doesn’t matter if PM Harper won’t help, Premier Notley and her NDP government can regulate one of Canada’s biggest carbon polluters right from Edmonton.

It’s a total game changer, but she’s bound to come up against major oil industry lobbying. Click now to sign onto the country’s biggest welcome card ever, and help show our newest Premier that we’re all counting on her to take Canada from climate zero to climate hero :)

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