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Stand with Amazon defenders!

Stand with Amazon defenders!

The battle for the Amazon’s survival has begun, and this young woman may hold the fate of the forest in her hands.

Puyr Tembé is leading Indigenous peoples from across the country to demand the new Congress protect the forest from the storm of logging, mining and cattle-ranching that’s driving it to collapse.

Brazil’s new president is on board, but there is vicious opposition from powerful businessmen and their political puppets who see the forest as a resource to be raided.

It’s a battle Puyr and her people must win -- and we can help them.

These brave Indigenous leaders are working on a shoestring budget. But if we all chip in, we can supercharge their fight, making sure the mobilization is just the start, by funding a major political and media campaign to win the protections we need to save the forest.

The next few weeks are critical to ramp up the pressure, and our global community could make a huge difference! Donate whatever you can now -- let’s stand with Puyr and save the Amazon while there’s still time.

Image Credit: Nay Jinknss