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Don't let the Amazon burn!

To all European Union leaders:

We urge you to suspend the ratification of the EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement until President Bolsonaro takes effective measures to protect the Amazon and the rights of forest defenders, and comply with the Paris climate agreement. We also call on you to immediately ban imports from illegally stripped lands in the Amazon, and pass legislation to extend such prohibition to all products that are contributing to deforestation worldwide.

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Recent signers

Don't let the Amazon burn!

As a proud Brazilian, I’m burning with shame.

Often with the blessing of far-right President Bolsonaro, gangs of illegal farmers are burning down swathes of the Amazon rainforest. Many indigenous people standing in their way have been murdered.

We have to stop this insanity. And we can.

President Bolsonaro is desperate to close a multimillion-dollar trade deal with the European Union, but with the forest ablaze, EU leaders are considering last-minute changes to build Amazon protections into the deal.

This would force Brazil to clean up its act to trade with some of the world’s biggest economies. Let’s not leave the Amazon to burn -- add your name to call for Europe to act, and when this is huge, we’ll launch opinion polls and deliver our voices to key decision makers and the media.

Diego Casaes

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