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Arab League: Save Syrian Lives

To members of the Arab League and Friends of Syria:

The world is counting on you to put a STOP to Assad's murderous regime. We call on you to agree in Tunisia to:

SUPPORT THE SYRIAN NATIONAL COUNCIL (SNC): Recognize it as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, and help turn it into a strong, representative and inclusive body that can effectively lead a democratic transition;
TOUGHEN SANCTIONS: Close loopholes for cash and weapons that fuel Assad's bloodbath;
ORGANIZE HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE: Ensure that essential medical and food supplies get to those in desperate need;
PROTECT CIVILIANS: Commit to creating a safe zone for civilians, and take all necessary measures to guarantee its security.

Any watered down compromise or hesitation will renew Assad's license to murder his people. We call on you to act now.

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Arab League: Save Syrian Lives

With each passing day, Syria's crackdown on democracy protesters reaches new levels of horror -- bombing crowded neighborhoods filled with innocent civilians, cutting off electricity and phones so families can’t call for help, and blocking medical aid to the wounded. But finally a flicker of hope is emerging that could stop the terror.

After the UN Security Council failed, Syria's neighbours in the the Arab League are taking the lead. They have called other key powers to an emergency meeting in 72 hours in Tunisia, and Avaaz will be sitting at the table with the Syrian democracy movement to deliver a clear mandate for strong action.

Let's make sure this meeting ends with a comprehensive plan to end the bloodbath, not another watered down compromise that renews Assad's license to murder his people. A one million strong petition will show that people across the world are watching and expect urgent action to end this humanitarian catastrophe. Sign the petition on the right -- we'll bring it directly to the delegates in the meeting.

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