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Save Aussie clean energy!

To Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott:

We call on you to withdraw the new directions given to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to stop funding wind and small scale solar projects. Renewable energy is the future for Australia, a country blessed with abundant resources for clean energy. We call on you to restore the CEFC's ability to invest in profitable wind and solar projects. While Australia continues to subsidise coal, oil and gas companies, there is no justification for gutting investment in clean energy.

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Save Aussie clean energy!
The Prime Minister wants to ban the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from investing in wind and small scale solar energy. Seriously.

This could kill the industry and our best hope to address dangerous climate change. Australians want clean energy, already more than 10% of households have rooftop solar. The dogmatic decision isn’t final, if we raise a huge backlash now, we can reverse this ridiculous position.

Australia is a sunburnt country — solar energy is our future. Let’s force our impulsive Prime Minister to back track. Sign the petition to lift the ban on wind and solar investment and when we reach 50,000 signatures Avaaz will team up with the clean energy industry to deliver our call.

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