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Help the most vulnerable call Australia home

To Immigration Minister Dutton:

We call on you to accept an emergency intake of 20,000 Syrian refugees in addition to our current humanitarian program allocations -- this is just 0.5% of the people who have fled Syria and are seeking refuge. We also ask that you grant asylum to Syrians already in Australia or in offshore detention, as Syria cannot be considered a safe place to return to. Finally, we call on you to grant an additional $150 million to the UNHCR to help them address this urgent global crisis.

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Recent signers

Help the most vulnerable call Australia home

Heartbreaking images of a Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach are spreading all over the world. Aylan Kurdi was 3 years old. He should have been laughing with joy as he played with friends or safe in the embrace of his mother’s arms, not alone and lifeless, far from home. This is the human face of Syria’s war and the global refugee crisis -- but there is something we can do.

Aid agencies are urging Australia to take in 20,000 emergency refugees from Syria -- it’s possible with just a stroke of Immigration Minister Dutton’s pen. But he needs to know that Australians support the plan; that we care about those seeking sanctuary from fear; that we know no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.

Let’s overwhelm the Minister with our call to make Australia home for a fraction of the world’s most desperate people. Add your name now -- Avaaz will work with those leading the call for this emergency intake to ensure every single voice is heard by Mr Dutton.

For every refugee who has perished seeking safety, for every parent’s hope for their child’s future, sign and share this urgent petition.

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