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Australia: hours to investigate Lachlan Murdoch

To ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman:

As concerned citizens we hereby endorse Avaaz's formal request that ACMA initiate an investigation of whether Lachlan Murdoch's media ownership in Australia breaks any media laws or regulations. In particular, we urge ACMA to investigate whether Lachlan Murdoch controls News Limited, either alone or in association with Rupert Murdoch.

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Australia: hours to investigate Lachlan Murdoch
Today, Avaaz will argue in front of our media regulator that Lachlan Murdoch is likely breaking the law.If tens of thousands of us urgently support the complaint now, we can build public pressure and win a formal investigation.

The Murdoch family controls 70% of Australia's newspapers, as well as significantly influencing a network of radio stations, Network Ten and Foxtel. For over 20 years, our laws have prohibited cross-media ownership that looks very similar to this, but government after government has failed to curb their monopolisation of our media. Now, experts have helped us dig into years of regulations and precedent to produce a strong complaint that shows how Lachlan Murdoch could be illegally dominating our media.

This complaint will call for an investigation and firm action to bring any and all illegal activity to an end. Let’s all add our names to this historic, democracy-defining complaint -- and encourage others to do the same -- so the Australian Communication and Media Authority will have to act to enforce our laws. We’ll deliver it to ACMA at its meeting later today.

See Avaaz's full complaint to ACMA

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