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Beat back Australia's wildlife apocalypse

Hell on earth looks a lot like Australia right now. The fires are now so big they are generating their own lightning -- and they’ve killed more than a **BILLION** animals

A billion! It’s a wildlife holocaust!! Thousands of koalas have been roasted alive in the trees, while rare flying foxes are falling dead from the sky. Even worse, this nightmare could be a glimpse of our whole planet’s future if we don’t urgently tackle the climate crisis that caused it.

This is a call to arms: we need to fight Australia's fires with burning, urgent action. 

If 40,000 of us chip in now, we can provide immediate on the ground support -- funding the heroes who are rescuing injured koalas and kangaroos, while backing a long-term recovery plan to plant billions of new trees to help nature recover.

But alone it won’t be enough. Even as their country burns, Australia’s leaders are denying climate change and trying to derail global action to reduce carbon pollution. We can’t let them win. So we’ll also bring all of our movement’s campaigning magic to face down blockers in Australia and all over the world ahead of crucial global climate talks later this year.
This is urgent -- give what you can to help beat back Australia's biodiversity apocalypse and spark the climate revolution our planet needs! 
Posted: 8 January 2020