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Ban octopus farming

To the President of the Canary Islands, the EU and governments everywhere:

We’re calling on you to reject the plan to build the world's first industrial octopus farm in Spain and ban octopus farming in the EU and around the world, including its import and financing. Octopuses are intelligent, sentient and fascinating animals. Let’s avoid creating more animal suffering for unsustainable and short-term human profit.

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Recent signers

Ban octopus farming

Octopuses are seriously smart. They can use tools and solve complex problems, and even feel pain, pleasure, joy and fear!

That’s why scientists are outraged by plans for the world’s first octopus farm in Spain, which would see a MILLION of these mostly solitary creatures crammed into tiny tanks every year, then killed painfully by being frozen alive in icy vats to feed the food market.

It’s torture on an industrial scale.

But we can stop it. Plans for the farm have been submitted to local authorities – and a massive outcry can help prevent this suffering! Add your name now and Avaaz will deliver our voices to local authorities and the EU demanding that octopus farming is banned before it starts!

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