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Kick bankers out of Parliament

Here are some points you might want to raise in your message:
  • I am outraged that the banker-controlled City of London has special privileges in Parliament.
  • The City of London’s representative, the Remembrancer, should not have the right to sit in the House of Commons chamber.
  • I call on you to use your power as Speaker to bar the Remembrancer from the chamber.
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Kick bankers out of Parliament
Everyone has the right to lobby our government, but one group’s formidable financial firepower and long standing privileges seem to give their views extra weight -- bankers from the City of London have a special seat in Parliament to use for their special pleading. Their level of access is unbelievable, but together we can make one simple change to start to take back our democracy.

The Remembrancer is an ancient post answerable to the City that sits in the House of Commons. He has 6 lawyers, a budget of £5.3 million a year and the right to see every draft law before it’s passed. It’s no wonder that the government struggles to stand up to the City! But a single decision by one MP can ban the Remembrancer from the chamber for good -- let’s convince Speaker of the House John Bercow MP to take bankers off Parliament's guest list.

Last month the City held another sham election where companies cast more votes than citizens. Before the new rulers decide how to direct their lobbying muscle, let’s tell speaker Bercow to kick the bankers out of Parliament. Send a message now.

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