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End bear torture farms in Vietnam!

Dr. Bui Cach Tuyen, Director General of Vietnam's Environment Administration, Truong Tan Sang, president of Vetnam:

Despite laws barring this barbaric practice, bear bile farms continue to thrive in Vietnam, driving endangered moons bear close to extinction. As global citizens, we urge you to step up enforcement against these farms, invest in the promotion of herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile, and take immediate steps to safeguard the vulnerable remaining wild population of endangered moon bears in Vietnam’s forests. 

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End bear torture farms in Vietnam!
Across Asia, endangered bears are trapped, held in tiny “crush cages" where they're unable to move, and jammed for years with sharp tubes in their gall bladder, all to collect their bile, thought to contain healing medical properties. It’s called "bear bile farming" -- and it’s time to end this horrific practice.

The torture is so bad that some bears in China have been observed to starve themselves to death in order to escape the pain. The practice isn’t just cruel, it’s driving these endangered moon bears to extinction, especially in Vietnam, a country where bear farming is rampant. And with Vietnam’s government sensitive about its image of presiding over a modern, rising economy, the time is ripe to bust up the bear bile farms.

The last thing the Vietnamese government wants is for tourists visiting the country to come face to face with horrific images of bear torture -- but that’s exactly what we’ll do, with adverts in major inflight magazines en route to Vietnam, when 1 million sign on to save the bears. Sign and spread the word, we can end this!

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