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Thanks for taking action -- now let’s ramp it up!

Benetton is hiding our Facebook comments! Let's show them we won't go away until they pay. Post a message on your wall and tag @United Colors of Benetton in the post so they know the world is watching!

FacebookTag Benetton on Facebook

Here's some tips on what you can post. Feel free to use these or write your own message:

  • I don’t want to wear Benetton clothes if the people making them could be crushed in a sweatshop collapse and not even be compensated! Style is doing what’s right - it’s time to pay up.
  • CEO Marco Airoldi: You weren’t in charge when Rana Plaza collapsed. Show Benetton’s true colours and get victims the compensation they deserve.
  • Donating an undisclosed amount to charity isn’t fair compensation for survivors with no income, no prospects and families to support. Benetton: be your best and pay proper compensation.

Make sure you tag Benetton by adding @United Colors of Benetton to your post.

Then tweet at Benetton:

Thanks for taking action -- now let’s ramp it up!
Benetton refuses to compensate the victims of the Rana Plaza disaster because they think they can weather a public relations storm. Let’s show them we aren’t going away until they pay.

Right now Benetton is launching its spring clothing collection on social media. It’s one of the most important times of the year to impress their customers. So if we shame them with huge public pressure on Facebook and Twitter right now, they’ll see their brand under threat, and be forced to pay up.

The more of us join, the stronger the pressure for Benetton to compensate the survivors who so desperately need it. Use the links to the right to send Benetton a message directly on Facebook and Twitter, then spread the word to your family and friends.

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