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Bolivia: Stop the Amazon Highway

To the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales:

We call on you to stop the crackdown against the indigenous people of the TIPNIS and to release all marchers detained by the Police. We urge you to immediately enter full and binding consultation with the indigenous communities holding rights over the TIPNIS territory, as is the law, and to reject all permits to build the highway through the natural park and reconsider alternative routes. Across the world we have been encouraged by your stand for mother earth and for indigenous people. Now we call on you to protect these communities and this precious forest.

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Bolivia: Stop the Amazon Highway

On Sunday, Bolivian police used tear gas and truncheons to crack down on indigenous men, women and children who are marching against an illegal mega-highway that will slice through the protected Amazon rainforest.

72 hours later, the country is in crisis -- the Minister of Defense has resigned in disgust, Bolivians are erupting in street protests across the country, and President Evo Morales has been forced to temporarily suspend the highway construction. But powerful multinationals are already divvying up this important nature preserve. Now, only if the world stands with these brave indigenous people can we ensure the highway is rerouted and the forest is protected.

Avaaz just delivered a 115,000 strong Bolivian and Latin American emergency petition to two senior government Ministers -- they are worried about massive public pressure and are on the back foot. Now after this brutal violence let's ramp up the pressure and raise a global alarm to end the crackdown and stop the highway. Sign the urgent petition -- it will be delivered spectacularly to President Evo Morales when we reach 500,000.


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