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Thank you! Now call PM Cameron's office

To Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York:

As Americans deeply concerned about the corruption of our democratic system by the flood of big money, we call on you to lead the way to real solutions by passing a strong public finance bill through the New York legislature before the end of this legislative session. A victory in NY could lead to victories in other states and will demonstrate your ability to help solve one of the most vexing problems facing our nation today. If you win this, we won't forget.  

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In days, Prime Minister Cameron will meet with Burmese President Thein Sein, and we need push the Rohingya massacre right to the top of their agenda.

Take action now by making a quick call to the PM's office:

Prime Minister's Office: 020 7270 3000

Please call during normal office hours

You can use the talking points below to use when you call, but remember to include why this is important to you:

  1. I am calling to urge the PM to insist Burmese President Thein Sein intervene to stop the massacre of the Rohingya when he meets with Mr. Sein.

  2. Human rights experts have called what is happening in Burma "ethnic cleansing" and have reported that the government has either allowed this to happen or been complicit.

  3. Our country should not be granting any further trade benefits or assistance to Burma until President Sein acts to stop the violence, hold the perpetrators accountable and protect the Rohingya with citizenship and full legal rights.

  4. More than 800,000 lives are at stake and PM Cameron has a moral obligation to use the diplomatic leverage of our country to help.

Leaving a message with a receptionist or on a machine is a powerful way to make our voices heard. It’s unlikely you’ll get put through to Mr Cameron directly, but his staff do track and listen to every call that comes in.

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