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Canada Causes Cancer

To Quebec Premier Jean Charest:

As concerned Canadians we urge you to immediately end all government funding and loan guarantees for the asbestos industry in Quebec. The Asbestos industry is directly responsible for millions of deaths worldwide and thousands of tonnes of this poison come directly from Quebec. We call on you to cut off support for the asbestos industry and save lives.

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Recent signers

Canada Causes Cancer

In two days, Quebec could give a $58 million loan guarantee to an asbestos mine -- allowing it to continue pumping out poison for export around the world. But our call now to keep public money out of poisonous mines could force Quebec's Premier to back off the deal.

Asbestos kills over 100,000 people every year and is practically banned in Canada, but Quebec Premier Charest continues to finance its extraction and export to countries like India -- poisoning the world's most vulnerable citizens. The cancer corporations who own these mines have run out of funds and banks wont lend to them without the backing of Quebec's government. Charest is on the verge of agreeing to help out, but our public money shouldn't be on the hook for a poisonous mine. By shining a light on this dirty deal, we can force Charest to back off the loan guarantee and close the asbestos mine for good.

Let's make sure cancer-causing asbestos is not a national export. Join in the call to end public finance of this poisonous mine. When we reach 50,000 signers we will deliver the petition directly to Charest. Sign and forward to everyone.


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