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The research is based on telephone interviews conducted with a representative sample of 2,000 Canadians (aged 18 plus), between March 30 and April 10, 2011. A sample of this size drawn from the population will provide results accurate to within plus or minus 2.2 percentage points, in 19 out of 20 samples.

Decreasing Corporate Taxes

I’d like to ask you about the taxes currently paid by businesses and corporations in Canada today.

Some people/Other people say that it’s a good idea to reduce tax rates for Canadian businesses because they will use this extra money to hire more workers and boost the economy in a way that will benefit everyone.

Some people/other people say that it’s a bad idea to reduce taxes for Canadian businesses because they already pay relatively low taxes, and cutting them more will increase the deficit and make it harder to pay for public services everyone relies on.

34% Good idea to reduce corporate taxes
56% Bad idea to cut corporate taxes
4% Depends
6% DK/NA

Conservative response
49% Good idea to reduce corporate taxes
42% Bad idea to cut corporate taxes
3% Depends
6% DK/NA

Opposing UN Climate Treaty

Turning now to the issue of climate change, do you believe that Canada should, or should not, support the United Nation’s efforts to secure an international global treaty to stop the future catastrophic impacts of climate change?

82% Canada should support a UN treaty
13% Canada should not support a UN treaty
1% Depends
5% DK/NA

Conservative response
71% Canada should support a UN treaty
23% Canada should not support a UN treaty
2% Depends
5% DK/NA

Deregulating Gun Ownership

As you may know, there are federal laws in Canada concerning the ownership of firearms. This law requires that Canadians register each firearm that they own, prohibits the ownership of certain kinds of firearms, requires that owners pass a safety test AND a safety check, and requires that firearms are stored unloaded in a secure place.

In general, do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose this law?

54% Strongly support
20% Somewhat support
9% Somewhat oppose
13% Strongly oppose
1% Neither support or oppose
3% DK/NA

Conservative response
40% Strongly support
24% Somewhat support
13% Somewhat oppose
17% Strongly oppose
29% Neither support or oppose
4% DK/NA

Ending Public Financing

Federal political parties are currently funded by a combination of private donations and public funds. Do you support this current system of private and public funding for political parties, or do you think that political parties should only be supported through private donations?

48% Support current mix of private and public funding
43% Support private funding only
1% Depends
8% DK/NA

Conservative response
42% Support current mix of private and public funding
52% Support private funding only
2% Depends
5% DK/NA

Health Care

I would now like to ask you about Canada’s health care system.

Which of the following do you think is better?

Having a public system of health care in which all Canadians are entitled to the same level of access to medically necessary health care services without direct charges


Having a two-tier system in which there is both a private system where patients pay directly out of their pockets for faster access to services and a public system

69% Support a one-tier system
27% Support a two-tier system
1% Depends
2% DK/NA

Conservative response
60% Support a one tier system
37% Support a two tier system
2% Depends
2% DK/NA