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Cast out the criminals

To the Supreme Court of India, Parliament and the Attorney General:

As citizens concerned with the toxic level of corruption and criminality within our political system, we support the latest ruling of the Supreme Court that will prevent criminals from remaining in public office. We believe any attempt to undermine this ruling will only take India backwards. We demand all public powers to do whatever they can to endorse the ruling and work collaboratively to implement it through concrete policies that can help cast out the criminals from politics.

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Recent signers

Cast out the criminals

The Supreme Court just boldly ruled to kick criminals out of politics -- a landmark step to clean up Parliament! But now those same gangsters are trying to overturn these rulings. And only we can stop them.

In any other serious democracy the Supreme Court bans would be a base line -- politicians convicted of crimes should lose their seats and if you are in jail you cannot stand for election. Basic stuff! But according to reports, 30% of our parliamentarians have criminal charges against them. Some MPs are fighting back to cling to power and now the Attorney General is doing them a favour advising they change the Constitution. It's our people power vs criminal politics -- lets block them now.

The AG's Constitutional reform could happen in days. We can't let this extraordinary chance to finally clean up Indian politics be wrecked by the crooks. Let's massively support the Supreme Court and directly slam the Attorney General and MPs. Click now to sign this urgent petition to cast out the criminals -- Avaaz will deliver it directly to all three arms of government.

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