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Clean up the Amazon's Chernobyl!

To Bill McNabb III, and the Vanguard Investment Oversight Committee:

As citizens worldwide who cherish our planet, we believe Chevron should be held accountable for the devastation caused to the lands, rivers, and people of Ecuador. We urge you to support the shareholder proposal by Zevin Asset Management and use your influence to get others on board. As Chevron’s biggest shareholder, you have major influence to persuade Chevron's management to reach a fair settlement with the affected communities in Ecuador.

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Clean up the Amazon's Chernobyl!
Oil giant Chevron dumped billions of gallons of deadly chemicals in the pristine Ecuadorian Amazon, leaving rivers full of poison, and toxic waste pits spreading cancer and death in indigenous communities. The catastrophe was so huge, it’s called the ‘Chernobyl of the Amazon’!

But in days we have a unique chance to end Chevron's cruel reign of impunity.

Chevron's top stockholder is a US retirement fund: Vanguard. Its chair is renowned for challenging corporate abuse. If we can get him to join 36 other big investors and vote for justice at Chevron's shareholder meeting in five days, he alone could tip the balance!

And he can’t miss us -- Avaaz staff are going inside the shareholder meeting to deliver our call directly! And as some Avaazers are Vanguard customers, we know he'll listen! Let’s make this massive, fast!

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