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Child abuse: no more cover-ups

To: David Cameron and Michael Gove:

As citizens shocked by recent child abuse allegations, we call on you to introduce a mandatory reporting law so that all children are protected from abuse. The law must apply to all institutions where ‘Regulated Activities’ take place, mandating all staff who know, suspect, or have reasonable grounds for knowing or suspecting child abuse, to inform the Local Authority Designated Officer, children's services or the police. This is the only way to ensure that an independent assessment can happen right away, and to stop perpetrators as soon as possible. The statutory guidance system has failed; it’s time for tougher laws to protect children now.

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Child abuse: no more cover-ups

Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and now - it’s alleged - a string of politicians got away with abusing children for decades because people were too afraid to speak out. Now a leading children’s charity’s backed a new law to better protect kids from abusers - let’s supercharge their call and force parliament to act.

Shamed by allegations of a sex abuse cover-up right at the heart of Westminster, ministers are scrambling to act tough on child abuse, and today the NSPCC publicly changed their position and called for a law to prosecute people who cover up child abuse. But only loud public pressure will force parliament to act, so let’s send a roar of support for this no-brainer law to protect kids now. Sign here then share this with everyone - when we reach 50,000 we’ll work with MPs who already back the plan to force a vote.

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