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Our race to save the world

Our race to save the world
Donald Trump has declared war on planet Earth.

He's approving pipelines, firing up coal mines, and insiders say he's got an Executive Order ready to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement that is our best shot at a clean, safe future.

When it comes to climate, we can't afford screw-ups like this. Our climate is delicate, unstable -- the last ice age hit us in just 6 months. We're not talking about storms or floods, but an apocalypse that threatens everything we love! THIS is what most scares scientists about climate change.

But we've got the battle plan that, if we win, will neutralise Trump's attack:
  • Work with American mayors and local leaders to collectively honour the US's commitments in Paris, even if Trump doesn't.
  • Build a huge campaign to eliminate $1 trillion in taxpayer subsidies for big oil and coal, and invest it instead in clean energy.
  • Pass laws in the top car-manufacturing countries requiring all new cars to be electric.
  • Get the world's major companies and corporations to go 100% clean energy.
If 10,000 of us donate just a small weekly donation, we can spend the next two years going all in on this plan and more -- and make sure Trump won't mean the end for planet Earth.

Chip in a weekly donation to help humanity win our war for survival.