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Guantanamo: 10 years is enough!

To President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron, Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani:

We call on you to work together to help close Guantanamo now. This illegal prison camp and the torture and abuse that has gone on inside it has shocked the world and fueled extremism. It is time to find a global solution to end this stain on the world's conscience that releases the innocent, respects the rule of law, and gives suspected offenders a fair and public trial. 10 years is enough.

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Guantanamo: 10 years is enough!
10 years ago, Nabil Hadjarab was sent to Guantanamo Bay hooded, shackled and innocent. Wounded while trying to escape a US bombing in Afghanistan, sold from his hospital bed to the US military for a bounty, Nabil was the victim of US post-9/11 policy requiring all Arabs in military custody be sent to Guantanamo Bay -- he has been officially cleared of all charges, but has spent the last decade trapped in the infamous prison. Because of one day of bad luck and years of US broken promises, Nabil could spend the rest of his life in this hell -- unless we stand together and close Guantanamo Bay for good.

There are 89 others just like Nabil, and 170 men in total trapped in this black hole of injustice. This is the US’s disaster, but the US refuses to find a solution to shut down Guantanamo. Now, with the help of two countries we could end this shame. Qatar has already offered to take innocent prisoners, like Nabil. And the UK, a close and trusted ally of the US, could give the remaining prisoners a fair and public trial in civilian courts. All that’s missing is the political will and public mandate to do it -- and that’s exactly what we, together, can create.

Today, let’s mark Guantanamo’s shameful 10th birthday with a massive global call to US, UK and Qatari leaders to do an international Close Guantanamo Deal and finally slam the door on this horror story for good. Sign the urgent petition on the right, and share this campaign with everyone.


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