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Close the hunger casino!

EU Finance Ministers:

As concerned citizens, we call on you to improve transparency and regulation of the commodity derivative markets, to end the disastrous effect that speculation has on food prices. This requires clear and enforceable position limits on agricultural commodity derivatives – with no exemptions or loopholes. The rules must apply to all such derivatives throughout the course of their life. To end the abuses which are leaving millions hungry across the world – we must act now.  

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Close the hunger casino!
Millions of people are starving as rich bankers drive up the cost of food and fatten their profits. But if we act right now, we can get the rules we need to ban this outrage.

European leaders are on the brink of making a deal that would stop the world’s biggest banks betting on food prices in their quest for a fast buck. But the United Kingdom and others -- pushed by powerful lobbies -- are trying to water-down rules so much that they will be almost meaningless! If we give other EU leaders a massive public boost they can face down the UK and other blockers and close the hunger casino!

Recently we’ve beaten back the bank lobby to win new EU rules on bank bonuses and bank tax evasion. Now let’s seize this moment to go further -- sign now and share with everyone! When 500,000 people have signed Avaaz will deliver our message to EU leaders ahead of key negotiations.


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