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Congo: Stop The Bloodshed

This morning, we received this tense demand for action from from Liberata Rumumba, a refugee and women's leader in Eastern Congo pleading for Europe to send peacekeepers to protect her people, (click on the right to watch). We know how to help. Last week, Avaaz ran a hard-hitting advertisement in The Times of London, pressing UK leaders to support a European force or risk responsibility for genocide -- the British Africa minister called us immediately -- and the British position shifted.

Now we're challenging other EU leaders, taking this effective ad campaign Europe-wide – starting by placing ads in El Pais in Spain, Dagens Nyheter in Sweden, The European Voice in Brussels and NRC Handelsblad in the Netherlands. The Times ad was paid for by 300 small donations from Avaaz members. If just 3000 of us donate in the next 48 hours we can run ads across Europe before it's too late - if we raise more funds than necessary we'll put them towards further similar campaigns. Let's chip in what we can to help the people of the Congo:

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