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Crushed to make our clothes

To the CEOs of H&M and GAP:

As global citizens and consumers, we urge you to immediately sign the Bangladesh ‘Fire and Building Safety Agreement’ that will commit you to pay for routine, independent inspections and safety upgrades for your supplier factories, or risk fatal damage to your brand image. Your companies profit from cheap labor in Bangladesh, and can do much more to reduce the dangers of the workplaces where your products are made. Your action can encourage other multinationals to take full responsibility for conditions on the factory floor.

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Crushed to make our clothes
One young girl was miraculously rescued by amputating her arm from under her sewing machine. But at least 380 people were killed when a giant garment factory building in Bangladesh collapsed. Big fashion brands are hoping the media will move on, but if we act now we can stop more people from getting crushed to make our clothes.

If they had tougher safety standards, they would have stopped adding more floors to the building, and evacuated everyone when they found big cracks on the wall. They might have also avoided the 40 factory fires across Bangladesh in the last six months. Finally, two brave global brands have teamed up with labour groups to sign a groundbreaking ‘Fire and Factory Safety Agreement’ and improve Bangladesh’s dismal worker safety record. But it doesn’t come to effect until at least two more join, so it’s up to us to get reluctant industry leaders H&M and GAP to sign up!

If we put the image conscious CEOs of H&M and GAP in the spotlight, we can get them to sign the worker safety agreement. When a million of us have signed, we’ll place personalised ads in San Francisco and Stockholm -- their base cities -- to grab their and the media’s attention and force them to respond. Sign now, and share widely.

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