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St. Kitts: help stop the whale hunt

To St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Timothy Harris, and any other government that facilitates whale hunts:

As concerned global citizens who care about the protection of endangered whales we call upon all countries to cease involvement with Icelandic whaling, and specifically call on St. Kitts and Nevis to immediately remove the flag from The Winter Bay. This vessel is carrying 1,700 tonnes of endangered fin whale meat and is bound for Japan. We also call upon St. Kitts to stop supporting Japan's lethal research in the Southern Ocean at the IWC and support whale conservation instead. No country should engage with the slaughter of these majestic creatures.

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Recent signers

St. Kitts: help stop the whale hunt

The Icelandic whaling fleet has launched, and plans to hunt and kill 150 endangered fin whales. We've come close to shutting down this barbaric operation before and now we have a chance to end it for good.

As the whalers sharpen their harpoons for this year’s hunt, their boss is trying to ship last year's whale meat to Japan right now. Over 1,700 tonnes are about to be sent through the icy passage between Russia and the North Pole. But if the tiny Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis simply removes their flag from the vessel it can’t leave port! Tourism is the main pillar of their country's economy and we can put their reputation on the line by throwing them into our giant global spotlight.

The ship could set sail at any moment.

Our community already helped push European countries to shun this shameful trade. Let’s now get St. Kitts to stop helping the whalers! Sign now and share with everyone urgently -- Avaaz will deliver our voices straight to the new Prime Minister, and if he doesn’t respond quickly, Avaaz’ll target his biggest tourist market - the US - and show how St. Kitts is supporting the slaughter of these majestic beings!

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