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A massive wound to the heart of the Amazon

To the investors of Belo Sun's Volta Grande project in the Amazon and their shareholders:

Your commitment to sustainability is meaningless if you invest in projects like Belo Sun's mining project in Volta Grande, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. As citizens of the world, we call upon you to use your power to withdraw all your investments from this crazy venture, which threatens to inflict irreversible damage to the environment and the local indigenous communities. It is not too late to make it right.

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Recent signers

A massive wound to the heart of the Amazon
A Canadian mining giant wants to build a gigantic, toxic, open-pit gold mine right in the heart of the Amazon!

But its plans for this environmental disaster have been stalled by courageous indigenous communities, and a Federal court that just revoked their license.

Now, experts say a massive global campaign to persuade the top investor to withdraw funds could be the game-changer to end this insane venture.

Agnico Eagles Mine cares about its international reputation as a sustainability leader -- if one million of us call it out for this project, and deliver the petition to shareholders at the annual meeting, we can win. These tribes are on the frontline of the struggle to protect our planet -- let's stand with them!

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