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ISA: Protect our oceans

To ISA Secretary General, Michael Lodge, members of the ISA Assembly, Council and Committees, and relevant ministers:

As citizens concerned about the health of our oceans, we call on you to agree to a moratorium on seabed mining unless and until independent scientists agree it is safe, and the ISA dramatically increases transparency and access for all meetings and reports. To date the ISA has been biased towards facilitating seabed mining. As the global steward of the world’s ocean heritage, it must instead prioritise conservation and the rights of coastal communities.

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Recent signers

ISA: Protect our oceans

For years they’ve poisoned rivers, devastated forests and displaced communities, and now massive companies are rushing to dig up the seabed for precious metals.

The people who can stop this plunder of our planet’s most fragile places are meeting now!! The International Seabed Authority normally attracts as little attention as an underwater mine miles offshore, but our community can change that.

A few countries have agreed full or partial bans, and leading scientists just appealed for a freeze on deep sea mining contracts. Let’s amplify their message with a million-strong call, take out newspaper ads to hand deliver to each delegate, then publish their names and their responses. Add your voice and share this widely.

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