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Stop Deep-Sea Mining

To all Norwegian Members of Parliament, PM Jonas Gahr Støre of Norway, Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide, Minister of Climate and Environment Andreas Bjelleand Eriksen, Minister for Petroleum and Energy Terje Aasland, and world leaders:

Mining operations on the ocean floor will destroy ecosystems, poison our oceans, and bring incalculable harm to marine life. As citizens from around the world, we urge you to say no to all deep-sea mining.

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Stop Deep-Sea Mining

Update on 9th January 2024:

The eyes of the world were on Norwegian MPs as they voted on plans to open up the seabed for deep sea mining exploration — Avaazers’ voices could be heard inside the Parliament building, our petition was delivered to party representatives alongside many amazing organisations, citizens and activists. Ultimately, MPs voted in favour of these reckless plans, but there’s still hope: Any actual exploitation still has to go back to Parliament, and with a growing movement against deep-sea mining, this fight is far from over! Head to our Instagram to see some footage from the day.

Our forests are dead or dying. Our rivers are poisoned. Where there used to be mountains we’re left with corroded pits – scars in the Earth.

This is what mining has done to our land. What would happen if we unleashed this horror on our oceans?

A key committee in Norway just took a huge step towards allowing this insanity, and we have just a few weeks to convince the full Parliament that some doors should never be opened.

Coastal countries like France, Canada, and the UK are against dangerous and untested deep-sea mining. But it only takes one to be the first, and Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre is defying mounting international pressure and calling on MPs to allow deep-sea mining.

The good news is that the world is starting to take notice – our sources in Norway tell us that PM Støre’s international reputation is taking a hit and that lawmakers are under intense pressure.

The key vote is just weeks away! Norway isn’t often the target of global people power, so a massive outpouring of international outrage could tip the balance and save our oceans!

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