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Democracy vs. Germany

To: European Union leaders:

As citizens concerned about the impacts of the economic crisis, we call on you to calm the panicky markets without compromising peoples' democratic rights to vote on economic policies that will save our jobs and services. History shows that austerity cannot save economies. Be bold and invest in a prosperous future for Europe and the world.

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Democracy vs. Germany
German Chancellor Merkel is exploiting Europe's financial crisis to write a failed economic philosophy into our constitutions! With the EU on the brink, we have just 48 hours to stop our leaders from agreeing to this madness.

Merkel knows the markets are just irrationally panicking, and that if she and the European Central Bank stood behind Italy, the crisis would disappear overnight. But she's using the panic to force Europe to legislate "austerity" -- the favourite and failed economics of the bankers.

  From the US to Greece, we're seeing that knee-capping a government's ability to borrow and spend in times of recession is the worst thing we can do. It contracts the real economy, which hurts public finances, and it all spirals downward. Austerity doesn't work, but Merkel is trying to make it constitutional law -- so our democracies can never change it! The crucial summit begins in 48 hours -- let's make sure democracy is invited, and tell our leaders that we will not trade democracy for German loans:


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