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End black subsidies

To G20 leaders:

As concerned global citizens, we call on you to immediately stop handing over public money to the kings of all 1% -- fossil fuel companies. We’re at the brink of a climate catastrophe, and ending taxpayer gifts to fossil fuels would level the energy playing field overnight, spurring a worldwide surge in clean energy. We urge you to show bold leadership by disclosing and ending black subsidies and making this the no.1 global priority at the UN Earth Summit. 

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End black subsidies
Our governments are gifting $600 billion a year in hand-outs to dirty energy industries. We’re literally paying the most profitable businesses ever to destroy our planet. It’s madness and it’s time for it to stop.

Dirty energy tears communities apart, pollutes our oceans and chokes our atmosphere. But rather than punishing these devastating industries we reward them with public money that they turn into record breaking profits -- oil giant Exxon made $1305 in profit every second of last year. These companies have become so powerful that breaking them seems impossible, but politicians are beginning to understand this lunacy and a growing chorus -- from the World Bank to President Obama -- are calling for an end to black subsidies.

The tide could turn against the fossil fuel fat cats next week when Finance Ministers of the 20 biggest economies meet in Washington DC. At stake is whether or not these nations will honour their commitment to end free passes for polluters and to champion a new global plan to end black subsidies at the crucial UN summit in Rio this June. The oil companies are spending millions to maintain their dirty payments, so it’s up to us to build a giant outcry for the planet that will drown them out. Sign the petition to end black subsidies and Avaaz will deliver it to the G20 meeting.

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