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End black subsidies

To G20 leaders:

As concerned global citizens, we call on you to immediately stop handing over public money to the kings of all 1% -- fossil fuel companies. We’re at the brink of a climate catastrophe, and ending taxpayer gifts to fossil fuels would level the energy playing field overnight, spurring a worldwide surge in clean energy. We urge you to show bold leadership by disclosing and ending black subsidies and making this the no.1 global priority at the UN Earth Summit. 

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End black subsidies
The world is being held hostage by fossil fuels. As our climate burns, these companies use their record breaking profits to misinform the public, buy off politicians and lobby aggressively for tax breaks. But all this could end for once and for all -- if we can persuade world leaders to end the $600 billion they gift to polluters every year.

Next week we have a chance to draw a line in the sand -- the G20 finance ministers, who have already committed to ending black subsidies, will be meeting in Washington D.C. But fossil fuel subsidies aren't on the agenda and no one is holding them to their word. It’s up to us to hold them accountable.

Let’s launch a climate spring that will run from the G20 to the critical UN Rio Earth Summit this June and beyond. Sign the petition on the right to end the scourge of black subsidies.

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