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End the Murdoch mafia

To the OfCom Board Members:

We urge you to immediately act on your authority to revoke News Corp's licence. In light of more than 29 corruption arrests at News Corp and of individuals at British agencies for their associations with News Corp, it is clear that widespread and systematic corruption pervades Rupert Murdoch's media empire. With an ever-widening net of arrests across Murdoch's UK newspapers, Murdoch must have known of his employees' activities and cannot be considered "fit and proper" to run the outlets that provide us our news.

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Recent signers

End the Murdoch mafia

The Murdoch empire's dirty tactics just brought down 5 more of their top journalists and editors, as well as a police officer, a member of the ministry of defence, and an army man. After 29 News Corp arrests, it's clear: Rupert Murdoch must have known about the crimes his employees were committing.

He may have sweet-talked Parliament and slipped by the police so far, but we can hold him accountable for the violations of law and privacy that helped pad his pockets.

Tomorrow, the House of Lords will consider whether Murdoch is "fit and proper" to own our media. If we rally a massive show of public support now we can ensure that it's more than a symbolic action. Let's push the regulators to revoke Murdoch's licence to operate and end his dirty dealings for good. Sign the petition now. 

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