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Gaza: Emergency action to prevent genocide

Gaza: Emergency action to prevent genocide

Israel was just ordered to prevent all acts of genocide in Gaza -- but over 200 people were reported killed in the last 24 hours, and there's not a single fully functioning hospital left!

Until Israel obeys the court order, the threat of genocide grows every day. So here's what we're planning to do.

Journalists and human rights investigators are critical. Their evidence enabled judges to make this historic ruling, and with every new photo and eye-witness report, Israel loses more international support -- and its allies could force a ceasefire.

But those gathering evidence in Gaza are desperate for funding -- they need computers, cameras, and emergency shelter to keep documenting Israel’s war crimes. Your donation will fuel their critical work, and help to intensify our campaign on the US and other governments providing military aid to Israel.

Avaaz is 100% funded by people like you. If we raise enough, we could:
  • Launch a thundering global campaign for peace, pushing Israel's allies to enforce the ceasefire and allow humanitarian aid into Gaza;
  • Support journalists on the ground with protective gear and equipment like cameras, computers, solar-powered chargers and other emergency needs;
  • Fund Palestinian human rights groups as they document war crimes, and crimes against humanity in Gaza and other parts of Palestine;
  • Back lawyers and campaigners who are challenging the supply of weapons to Israel; 
  • Support non-violent activists on the ground, who are protesting and organising for peace and justice; and
  • Fund Avaaz campaigns to defend human rights around the world.
Gaza is being dragged to the gates of hell -- but together we can help to stop the horror. Donate what you can now.