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Germany: Energy Transformation Now!

To Chancellor Merkel, the German government and all German governors:

We call on you to close nuclear plants swiftly and responsibly while respecting Germany’s climate targets, by investing in energy efficiency and renewable technologies. The majority of the public supports this shift. Civil society is proposing a set of principles for a clean, safe energy future, which we urge you to adopt. Germany has an opportunity to lead Europe and the world with a transformative energy policy that respects the security of the planet and its peoples.

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Recent signers

Germany: Energy Transformation Now!

Today, Chancellor Merkel and all governors will debate how and when to shut down nuclear plants.  If we act fast, we could make this the turning-point toward the cleaner, safer future that a majority of the public supports!

The Black-Yellow government is holding emergency sessions to rethink German energy policy. The nuclear lobby is openly pressuring them, refusing to pay into the agreed eco-fund and trying to cut a back-room deal. But there is hope: a broad civil society coalition is proposing an energy package that enables Germany to end its reliance on risky technologies while maintaining its climate commitments.

Now the civil society plan needs a massive public push to repel the nuclear lobby. Sign the petition to the governors and Chancellor Merkel -- it will be delivered to them before the meeting tomorrow -- Sign now and forward widely!

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