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EU: Give children the future they deserve

To EU heads of government:

As concerned citizens, we urge you to safeguard our future by supporting at least a 50% target to reduce carbon pollution by 2030. Scientists warn that anything less than this will lead us to the point of no return on climate change. Strong European leadership on climate now can kick-start negotiations towards the make or break Paris summit next year, we are counting on you.

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EU: Give children the future they deserve

We are facing the biggest crisis of our time. Unless we act now, coral reefs will disappear forever, polar bears will only survive in zoos, and our kids will inherit a flooded and scorched mess of a world. But we created climate change, and if we act now, we can ensure both people and planet flourish.

In 2 days, Europe’s leaders will hold a summit on the climate crisis. Right now they’re poised to agree outrageously weak pollution cuts, ignoring scientists' advice and the warning signs that nature is flashing all around us. It's up to us to get our voices heard above the chorus of dirty industry lobbying, to show leaders that bold action to cut pollution in half is popular and necessary.

Let's draw a line in the sand, and stop our leaders from letting industry kill us slowly. Sign up now, then send a personal message -- we’ll arm climate champions Germany and the UK with our massive mandate, twin it with opinion polls that prove support for the planet in key blocking countries and feed the best messages to the media right up until the vote.

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