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UPDATE: Thank you so much! Climate change is back on the European agenda and it's a serious win for people power.

Negotiations in Brussels were tough, but long past midnight EU leaders finally agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by "at least" 40%. Those two little words mean everything -- they mean the EU has committed to a minimum that we can push to raise at international talks in Paris next year.

The fossil fuel lobby was out in full force to lower the sight of our most ambitious leaders and get special exemptions for coal. But Avaazers helped seal the deal with tens of thousands of messages to leaders, public opinion polls on climate in Germany, the UK, France and Poland, a hard-hitting ad in one of Poland's biggest newspaper, and a call for ambition by Economists Thomas Piketty, Claudia Kemfert and Cameron Hepburn in the Financial Times.

It's not yet where the science says we need to be and the targets for renewable energies and energy efficiency don't go as quickly towards 100% clean as they should. But after years of European climate action falling at the final hurdle, climate change is back on our leader's agenda -- now it's up to us to keep the pressure boiling over the next 14 months and ensure we get a deal in Paris that truly protects our planet and everything we love!