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EU: stop Glyphosate for good!

EU leaders & Member States’ representatives of the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed:

As concerned citizens from across the European Union, we call on you to vote against the re-approval of glyphosate, which is present in herbicides widely used all over Europe. We should not be exposed to toxic products that not only damage our precious ecosystems, but can also harm our health and even lead to cancer. 

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Recent signers

EU: stop Glyphosate for good!

Glyphosate is known as the bee-killing pesticide. But it’s not just bees.

It’s one of the most toxic things ever produced on the planet, with horrifying health impacts. It's been found in babies’ nappies, may lead to pregnancy problems, and a major study says it increases the risk of some cancers by over 40 percent!!

But in weeks we have a golden opportunity to ban this toxic poison for good.

It all comes down to one vote in the EU Council -- and pesticide giants are pulling out all the stops to lobby politicians and protect their profits.

We can’t let it happen.

If we can't trust all politicians to do the right thing, we have to trust each other to create the change we need -- and that starts right now. In 2018 we won a historical ban against bee-killing pesticides, and now we'll do it again!

Sign now and share with everyone -- Avaaz is working with partners to deliver our voices right to the negotiation table in Brussels.

The image above was generated by AI, inspired by real-life pictures of workers spreading toxic pesticides.

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