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EU: Only YES means YES

To Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and all EU head of states and justice ministers:

Sex without consent is rape. As people across Europe, we urge you to stand with survivors. Make consent a guiding principle in legislation on gender-based violence across all the EU.

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EU: Only YES means YES

We are nine million European women who have been raped at least once. We often keep this heavy secret buried. Many of us have considered suicide.

Often we can't confide in our family and friends, much less reach out to the authorities, because society makes us feel that we're responsible. Our guilt adds to the trauma of the attack.

However here's our message for survivors: it's not our fault. Sex without consent is rape. 

Today the EU Parliament and Commission are ready to make history by enshrining that principle in law all across Europe, but France and Germany are shockingly blocking the Council.

Let us publicly denounce their false excuses before the final decision on November 14. Join the call for justice that allows victims to heal and we will directly address the French and German decision-makers.

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