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Stop the Elephant Death Sentence

To the European Commission, EU members states and CITES:

Elephants are in crisis, and could be wiped from the earth on our watch. As concerned citizens we call on you to support a ban on the global ivory trade and for elephants to be listed under Appendix One in the forthcoming CITES classification to afford them the maximum legal protection available. We must then ensure that all countries are held to enforcing the ban to make sure our magnificent elephants do not disappear for good.

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Stop the Elephant Death Sentence
Every 15 minutes an elephant is brutally slaughtered for its tusks, and at this rate they will be extinct in just a few years. Governments around the world are committed to banning the ivory trade completely -- but the EU has just said it wants the massacre to continue!

Countries across Africa and world are horrified by this EU plan to drive elephants to extinction, and are calling for these incredible animals to be given the maximum level of protection under international law. But the 28 European Union countries are opposing the idea -- and with a key meeting of the world’s governments just around the corner, we have to act fast!

With Europe rocked by Britain’s vote to leave, Brussels can’t afford another PR disaster on its hands. So let’s come together and build a global call to demand that Europe drops this death sentence for elephants, and we’ll deliver it direct to Brussels before it’s too late. Join the call, and share with everyone you know.

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