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EU: 2 days to stop Tar Oil

To the ministers of Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Italy, voting on the EU Fuel Quality Directive:

We urge you to vote to classify tar sands oil as more polluting than other sources of fuel under the Fuel Quality Directive. Only strong legislative action can stop the flow of dirty tar oil into the EU and allow us to meet our carbon reduction targets. Europe’s global environmental leadership is on the line -- please ensure that Europe’s climate ambitions aren’t undermined by Canada's dirty oil threats.

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EU: 2 days to stop Tar Oil
In 48 hours, Europe could pass a directive that would introduce strict pollution controls and stop the flow of deadly tar sands oil into the EU. But 5 countries are blocking this crucial law -- now only we can save it.

Tar sands oil destroys forests, lakes, and emits 25% more carbon pollution than other oil. But for Canada it is a money making bonanza, and the government and big oil companies are ferociously lobbying Europe to open the flood gates to this black gold. Right now the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain are caving to pressure, but if we can get just 3 of them to put people and the planet before oil profits, we can win!

The Fuel Quality Directive vote is on a knife's edge and it all comes down to us. There’s just 48 hours left to raise the alarm -- sign the urgent petition now and forward this to everyone.

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