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Europe: Lead or Sink

Europe: Lead or Sink:

Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Berlusconi, Prime Minister Tusk and all leaders across Europe:

A bold EU climate package is critical to the global climate negotiations. Europe must honour their promise to increase binding, carbon-cutting commitments to at least 30% by 2020 if a global deal is reached; and provide leadership in the United Nations talks to deliver a powerful new global agreement.

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Europe: Lead or Sink

UPDATE: The EU decision failed to achieve what was needed -- but had it not been for a massive public outcry, it would have been even worse. In the final hours, under intense pressure from her own citizens and people around the world, Chancellor Merkel scaled back her demands for loopholes that would have resulted in millions of tonnes of C02 emissions and handouts to heavy industry. The EU climate package is deeply flawed--but at the same time, it's an important reminder of the power of ordinary people to shape the decisions of their leaders.

More than 200,000 Avaaz members, including more than ten thousand in Germany, have participated in actions targeting Merkel in the first two weeks of December, including:

* signing massive petitions delivered to German and European officials in Brussels and Poznan * helping to organize a demonstration in Warsaw during Merkel's climate discussions with Polish prime minister Donald Tusk * sending tens of thousands of personal messages submitted through Merkel's public comment website * making thousands of small contributions to fund public opinion polls that demonstrated the German public's support for climate leadership and belief that combatting climate change is more likely to help than to hinder the economy *funding a satirical four-page advertisement in the newspaper distributed at the Poznan UN climate negotiations. The ad was covered internationally and by German media.

Avaaz members around the world will campaign throughout 2009. Our aim? A global climate agreement that contains:

- A Global Target – informed by the latest science, bold enough to prevent catastrophe.

- Fair Shares – everyone must do their part, those who've polluted most must change most.

- Funding and Technology – huge new flows are needed for survival and success.

- The Force to Deliver – practical plans, inventive ideas, binding targets and enforcement.


Crucial European leadership on climate change is in jeopardy -- putting the current global negotiations to avert the climate crisis at serious risk.

To salvage the negotiations taking place in Poland and Belgium, we need an immediate outcry targeting three critical countries: Italy, Germany, and Poland. If these countries don't change course by Dec 12, Europe will fail to reach a unified position, which may well unravel the entire global process for good.

Avaaz members are meeting with European negotiators now in Poland and Brussels, polling citizens and preparing to rally outside a crucial German-Polish meeting next week. Add your name to the global petition, and Avaaz will deliver it to the heart of the climate talks.

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