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Survivors of Social Media Harm

Joann's son Mason was just 15 years old when he died - from a viral 'choking challenge' he saw on social media. Because of Big Tech algorithms, dangerous content like this ‘challenge’ is going viral and Joann's son is far from the only victim. Mason's mum has been calling on Big Tech platforms and lawmakers to take action – join her call.

What happens on social media doesn’t stay on social media. The harms survivors of social media face could have been avoided if Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all social media had simply done their job.

Now a movement is growing, all over the world, to detox social media and heal our communities. Together, we believe we can move tech employees to action and help fix social media platforms so that they truly connect people, instead of tearing us apart.

Are you a Survivor of Social Media Harm?

If so, share your story and we will be in touch about future action:

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The Biden administration just ruled that Myanmar's army committed genocide against the Rohingya. Now these Rohingya youth are calling on Facebook to take responsibility for its role in inciting violence.

Avaaz collaborated with Guns Down America on this Faces of Tech Harm video project to elevate the voices of nine survivors of tech harm who humanize the consequences of tech's failure to crack down on misinformation and disinformation.


Are you a Tech Employee?

If so, share your story and we will be in touch about future action:

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Joyce Jones ran for Mayor of her small Alabama town, but disinformation on Facebook drowned her message of unity and tore her community apart.

Hannah Gittings lost her partner at the Kenosha shootings. She is suing Facebook to enforce their policies and remove hate groups and violent content.

Kristin Urquiza lost her father to COVID-19. After his death, she discovered that his Facebook feed was littered with misinformation.

Carmen Palmer and her family went to protest peacefully in Kenosha. Before they could join, they were met with armed militias who had organized on Facebook.

Since 2019, Avaaz has been elevating the voices of survivors of misinformation and bringing them to decision-makers. In 2019, a diverse group of survivors from Myanmar, Finland, and the US joined us to visit social media platforms in Silicon Valley. In 2020, we worked with thousands of doctors, health professionals, and health activists who were concerned about the explosion of online health misinformation as the covid pandemic accelerated.

Silicon Valley tour

Health misinformation

Rohingya survivors

Stories like these are just the tip of the iceberg

Research by the global civic movement Avaaz has uncovered the painful truths that.

  • False information about COVID-19 continues to fuel the pandemic,

  • Posts by militia groups and other hate groups glorifying violence continues to spread to millions on the platform, and

  • False information about election fraud is rife amongst voters just days before US elections.

These lies hurt millions of individuals, their families and entire communities. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all social media employees could fix this.

Avaaz has been working on disinformation since 2016. Here you can learn more about our work and read our series of investigative reports.

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