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Now, here's how we fix Facebook in the UK

Step 1: Watch the briefing

We have to keep up the pressure on Facebook and social media giants in this crucial moment -- but we can’t just trust them to clean up their act on their own! We also need our governments to step in.

The good news is nothing scares Facebook like government threats of regulation. And next week the British Minister for Digital and Media - Matt Hancock is meeting Facebook! Let’s flood Hancock with messages now calling on him to talk tough and regulate Facebook.

Write or phone-in with a message now. You can use the suggested talking points below -- but the most impactful thing you can say is why you and the people you love care about keeping social media under control.

  • We urge you to adopt Avaaz’s simple 4-point plan to “Fix Facebook”. This includes, a) Banning bots and fake accounts b) Correcting the record c) Funding fact-checkers and d) Getting Facebook to tell the truth.
  • We welcome your statement that ‘freedom operates within a framework.’ It’s time to regulate Facebook and social media giants.
  • An Avaaz-ICM poll shows 76% of Brits support a crackdown on disinformation and data abuse.
Step 2: Send your messages

Matt Hancock

Minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Minister Hancock is a dad of 3 young kids, and wants the UK to lead the world in making the internet a force for good in this disinformation age. He’s vowed to end the “Wild West” days for tech giants. Send him a message now.

Damien Collins

Chair of the Fake News inquiry on the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Select Committee
Dianne Feinstein

Mr. Collins has been valiantly going after the tech giants demanding to know the extent of meddling in the Brexit vote by fake accounts and bots. He’s furious that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to appear before his committee inquiry on fake news. Send him a message now.

Thanks so much! If you can spare another moment, click here to send a short personal message to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, so he feels the public pressure before testifying before US lawmakers next week!