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Protect the FGM Ban, Protect the Girls!

To members of the National Assembly of The Gambia:

Female genital mutilation serves no medical purpose and leaves its victims scarred for life – mentally and physically. The Gambia took a bold step forward by banning the practice in 2015. We urge you to keep the ban in place. Protect young girls. Keep them whole.

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Recent signers

Protect the FGM Ban, Protect the Girls!

They never had a choice.

Almost a million girls in The Gambia have been forced to have their clitoris cut off, and sometimes their vaginal opening sewn up. And they were warned that if they told, they’d be cut again.

We can help protect the millions more who haven’t been cut yet.

The Gambia has banned this horror since 2015, but now politicians want to make cutting little girls legal again. And it’s men making the decision – 91% of Gambian MPs are men.

We have less than 90 days to stop them. The Gambian government is keen to protect its international image and strong tourism economy, and local organisations tell us that a global outcry will make a massive impact! Sign now and we’ll work together to bring our global call to the corridors of parliament!

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