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FIFA: Red Card for the Israeli Occupation

To Tokyo Sexwale, Chairman of FIFA’s Investigation Committee:

As concerned citizens from across the Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, and the world, we ask you to uphold FIFA’s own rules and provide fair recommendations to evict Israeli settlement teams from FIFA. Recognising the settlement football teams would legitimise the illegal occupation, the apartheid Palestinians are facing, and trample international law.

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FIFA: Red Card for the Israeli Occupation

Five Israeli football clubs train and play in stadiums on Palestinian stolen landNow, FIFA is investigating whether these teams should be allowed to participate in international football -- let's demand a decision that helps pave the way for equality.  

Delegation head Tokyo Sexwale is from South Africa, which has long rooted for Palestine’s freedom because of similarities with the struggle against apartheid.

If we send an outcry that echoes from the Middle East to South Africa, we can get Sexwale to uphold FIFA's own laws which prohibit using another country’s land without consent. Given the enormous political pressure he’s facing from Israel and Europe, he needs our support to stand up for justice.

Sign the petition now with one click to call on Sexwale and FIFA’s leaders to hold the Israeli Football Association accountable, and give it the red card it deserves. When we have enough signatures, we will bring this home to Sexwale in South Africa, publishing ads that make this personal for him.

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