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EU: Stop burning food

To the EU Parliament:

As global citizens extremely concerned with the looming food crisis, we call on the EU to immediately halt the use of food crops for fuel. Ensuring stable energy supplies to people and the economy must not come at the expense of food security or lead food price inflation to spiral out of control.

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EU: Stop burning food
Every day, under massive pressure from the biofuel lobby, Europe burns the equivalent of 15 million loaves of bread to power our cars, but we could change this in just a few weeks!

Soon, the European Parliament will vote to end burning crop biofuels, and some countries are starting to move towards a ban! So right now, a massive avalanche of support from EU citizens could now counteract the industry hold and tip the balance.

Join the global petition urging the EU to prioritise Food vs Oil and share it everywhere. When we hit 1 million, Avaaz will bring a delegation of activists from the countries most struck by the famine to the European Parliament to meet with key EU lawmakers and show them the real-life consequences of this critical vote.

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