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Stop food waste, end hunger!

To national leaders and ministers responsible for food, agriculture, and competition:

Hundreds of millions go hungry while we waste a third of the world’s food. We call on you to pass laws obliging supermarkets to donate unsold food, publish their waste data, and establishing authorities to investigate supermarkets' unfair treatment of suppliers, such as dumping waste onto farmers. We call on you to launch national action plans to achieve the UN goal of halving food waste by 2030.

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Recent signers

Stop food waste, end hunger!

It’s a recipe to feed the world -- stop wasting a third of all the food we grow, and stop tens of millions of children going to bed hungry each night.

The ingredients are all there -- an amazing movement in France just won a law making supermarkets give unsold produce to the poor and homeless. But this is only a small part of the problem, the vast majority of food is being wasted before it's even left the farm. Now the EU is working out how to stop supermarkets dumping their waste and responsibilities on farmers, using ridiculous reasons to reject huge quantities of food.

Timing is everything to get this recipe right. We already have a network of politicians ready to table legislation, we just need to build a huge push behind them. Let’s race to build a million-strong petition, submit to the EU consultation before it ends, then work with allies around the world till we win the laws we need. Add your name, then send this to everyone you've shared a meal with.

Joint campaign by Tristram Stuart with the Feedback and Avaaz teams

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