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What they're saying about our movement

"Avaaz has driven forward the idealism of the world… Do not underestimate your impact on leaders."

Gordon Brown, Former British Prime Minister

"I would like to thank the millions of people who have joined Avaaz in the effort to increase pressure on world leaders to act now, not tomorrow."

Dr. Barbara Hendricks, Federal Environmental Minister, Germany

"In its first 10 years Avaaz has empowered people and brought citizens' concerns at the top of the policy agenda. It's a birthday worth celebrating."

Martin Schulz, President of EU Parliament

"Avaaz is inspiring, and has already made a difference."

Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States

"Avaaz is an ally, and rallying point, for the disadvantaged everywhere."

Zainab Bangura, United Nations Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict

"Avaaz represents a hope for humanity, against injustice. And a pain in the butt for unaccountable leaders and institutions."

Salil Shetty, Executive Director, Amnesty International

"10 years of Avaaz: relentless fighting against climate change, of mobilizing for a future of hope, of calling for justice of every citizen."

Laurence Tubiana, Former French lead negotiator at the COP21 in Paris

"I thought I'd never live to see the day when you could strap on a rocket pack and fly through the air... but then I met Avaaz. They supercharge work across the world, sending campaigns and movements soaring to new heights."

Jamie Henn, Co-Founder, 350.org

"I believe Avaaz is just about the best organisation around."

Stephen Fry, Comedian

"Avaaz and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace collaborated on activities around Laudato si', the Pope’s visit to USA last September, and the COP21 climate change meetings last December in Paris. Avaaz brings people of all backgrounds to discover shared concerns and undertake common action."

Cardinal Turkson, Vatican

"Avaaz wakes the public up. There is nothing we need more these days."

Pavel Poc, Member of European Parliament

"Avaaz, the activism 2.0 that gives power back to people. Thank you for the battles, the victories and for inspiring millions of people in the world!"

Veronica Caciagli, President Italian Climate Network

"Like the neighbourhood watch group operating in my street, Avaaz makes you realise that there is a global community calling for justice and common sense in our globalising village."

"Avaaz [has become] a leading advocacy network for policy change and rallying help for humanitarian causes."

"The movement, using 14 languages and engaged in a mind-boggling list of causes, has had some spectacular successes."

"[Avaaz is] one of the most important new voices on the global stage."

"Avaaz still provides an impressive infusion of feedback into the global system. Best of all, it offers a contemporary solution to political apathy."

"The [climate] marches brought more people onto the streets than ever before, partly thanks to the organisational power of the e-campaign group Avaaz."

"Avaaz has been fundamental to mobilizing broad support for climate action. Thank you Avaaz, you are music!"

Christiana Figueres, Former head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

"Avaaz is a movement that is connected, generous, empathetic and impatient for change. You are the bright side of globalisation and your vision and sense of agency has never been more necessary. Please keep standing for the future!"

Kate Hampton, Executive Director, Children's Fund for the Future

"Putting power in the hands of the people has long been a dream for many idealists. What is amazing about Avaaz is that they are actually doing it, and doing it globally. In a world that is getting increasingly divided, Avaaz speaks for compassion, tolerance and justice in one voice"

Peter Gabriel, Singer

"Avaaz and its members across the world have played a crucial role in persuading governments to support the Palestinian people's bid for a state and for freedom and peace... their solidarity and support will be remembered and cherished across Palestine."

Leila Shahid, General Palestinian Delegate to Europe

"I have worked with a lot of organizations and movements, and I have never seen one as powerful, effective, honest, and passionate as Avaaz. Avaaz is what gives me hope for our collective future, as both an activist and as a father of young children. Here’s to ten more years, and a hundred more after that!"

Jerry Hauser, CEO, The Management Center

"Avaaz is made of many committed people who look at the world with love. I shared, fought and walked a lot together with them. With them I felt I was on the right path, and to them I want to dedicate the words Pope Francis spoke to us last year 'You turn deserts into forests'. Thank you for being forests with us!"

Roberta Cafarotti, Scientific Director, Earth Day Italy

"In times when fear and racism are threatening our societies and Europe is raising fences, the big mobilisation of Avaaz members made the voice of humanity echo loudly around the world."

Matina Katsiveli, Founder of the Leros Solidarity Network

"Avaaz is at the forefront of popular outcries which trigger the radical changes we crave."

Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Former head of UNESCO

"The work of Avaaz is extraordinary. As Mayor of Paris, I share its belief that it is citizens who are making the world evolve on the major issues of our century, and I'd say climate change is the most important."

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

"Indispensable to confront injustice and to promote essential changes to the planet; powerful to amplify the voice of the people in every corner of the world; and innovative to anticipate the strength of networks in a modern digital society. This is Avaaz. Unique!""

Beto Vasconcelos, Former Chief of Staff to the President of Brazil

"Avaaz has given voice and the means of change and thus power to the millions who demand a much better world. All power to Avaaz!"

Carne Ross, Director, Independent Diplomat